The Probus Club Movement

The Probus Club movement was formed in the United Kingdom in 1965. Often sponsored by Rotary International, Probus Clubs cater for the interests of retired or semi-retired professional or business people.municipaloffices_1.jpg

Although Probus membership has its greatest concentrations in the United Kingdom,  clubs exist in all parts of the world, including the U.S. Australia, New Zealand,Canada, Belgium, India, South Africa and several other countries in Africa and Asia.  By 2002, there were over 300,000 members in approximately 4,000 Probus clubs worldwide.  Probus clubs have no central governing body but Probus Centres have been established internationally to disseminate information and assist clubs. Offices are staffed largely by volunteers and operating costs are met by member contributions.

Renowned for their informality, Probus Club meetings, held at regular intervals, perhaps weekly, twice monthly, or monthly, may consist of morning tea/coffee, often followed by a talk by an invited speaker on a topic of interest to the members.   Members themselves contribute to the programme with accounts of their experiences or by providing entertainment at festive occasions.

In Cheltenham there are 8 autonomous Probus Clubs which cooperate to organise outings and other events.  Links to the clubs can be found on their individual pages.