Georgian Spa Club

The Georgian Spa Club meets fortnightly on Tuesday in the Presbytery of the Sacred  Hearts Church Hall.




The members enjoy talks on various topics, occasional outings and social events.

The Club aims to provide widened interests and social contact for retired professional and business men.

Please contact the Secretary if you are interested in joining the club.





AddressWhere it is
Sacred Hearts Church
Moorend Road
GL53 9AU
United Kingdom

Notices and Minutes: 

NOTE : Meetings start at 1015 hours. Coffee from 0930 hours.


Probus Trips planned/scheduled are as follows:-


Monday 3rd September 2018 - Visit to Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station being planned. Number of visitors limited to 20.

Travel by coach.


Other Events





Date Speaker Subject
22/05/18 Chris Reid Flying the Vulcan Blue Steel - with a nuclear weapon in height of cold war
05/06/18 Chris Brierley Life as a BBC Reporter - Our Ladies are Welcome
19/06/18 Bill King The Roman invasions, occupation and colonisation of Britain
03/07/18 Alan Smith Reminiscences of a Concorde Test Pilot
17/07/18 Brig. Ian Chapter The Archer at Poitiers (1356) - Our Ladies are Welcome
31/07/18 Robert Skelt The Cyprus Troubles
14/08/18 Aylwin Sampson Rumblings of a Blockhead: a Life in Print
28/08/18 Celia Hargrave On Being a Magistrate - Our Ladies are Welcome
11/09/18 Tim Brain The Coronation of Henry III at Gloucester in 1216
25/09/18 Dr Richard Long Britain's Palestine Mandate & the Creation of Israel